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As in any profession, the field of investment management embraces a wide divergence of talent and capabilities. That is why it is so important to choose an advisor who possesses the following characteristics:

  • A thorough understanding of your specific investment objectives, time horizon and tolerance for risk.
  • An investment philosophy that strikes your desired balance between capital preservation and capital growth.
  • Insightful analyses of interest rate trends, liquidity factors, and economic and political developments that can have a direct impact on the performance of your holdings.
  • The ability to quickly seize new opportunities as they arise.
  • The experience to foresee hidden obstacles-and to avoid unnecessary risks.
  • A noncommissioned fee schedule that promotes totally objective recommendations.
  • And last, but by no means least, a commitment to total accessibility that extends to the top management level.

Where can you find such qualities in an investment advisor?


Since our inception in 1998, Gulati Asset Management goal has been to distinguish itself from other investment advisors. We provide responsive and prudent investment management with a special emphasis on personal service. We are small enough to give close, individual attention to each and every client, yet competent enough to manage millions of dollars in assets for individuals and institutional investors, as well as trusts and limited partnerships.

This affiliation with one of the largest banks on the continent is structured to give us the uncommon ability to tap into the enhanced research and administrative capabilities of a major financial institution-without compromising our commitment to consistently provide each and every client with personal, one-on-one service.

In fact, when you entrust your investments to Gulati Asset Management, we endeavor to deliver individual attention and personal service from a senior portfolio manager, the speed and efficiency of an independently managed investment policy committee, and highly sophisticated operational and technological support.

Ramesh J. Gulati, Certified Financial Planner, the principal and Chief Investment Officer of Gulati Asset Management. Mr. Gulati attained his Certified Financial Planner designation in 1998 as one of the youngest licenscees. An Honors graduate of Boston College with double majors in Finance and Marketing, he worked with American Express Financial Advisors for five years. In 1998, he resigned to start Gulati Asset Management LLC. Mr. Gulati is a member of The Financial Planning Association (FPA), Metacomet Country Club in East Providence, Rhode Island, and Grand Harbor Country Club in Vero Beach, Florida.


The core philosophy that guides our firm’s specific investment policies is to provide our clients with consistent long-term growth opportunities through proper asset diversification.

Our methodology begins with a thorough analysis of economic, as well as political, conditions at both the domestic and international levels. Upon interpreting the potential impact of these conditions on various investment markets, we establish value ranges that help us determine the performance potential for equity and fixed income investments.

We then look for specific securities within these asset classes which we believe will provide superior returns.

Based on a client’s particular needs for current income or future growth, we will recommend a portfolio mix that contains:

  • Equity investments in established growth and emerging growth companies with domestic as well as international markets.

While stock market prices shift more dramatically than those of other types of investments, equity investments have proven to be one of the most effective ways to outpace inflation and build wealth over the long term.

  • Fixed income investments, focusing on income and capital stability, especially through high-quality, intermediate term bonds.

Our experience has shown that intermediate term bonds have performed nearly as well as long term bonds while presenting much less risk.

In balancing the risks and rewards of investment opportunities, we strive to maintain reasonable prudence in our efforts to help our clients achieve a comfortable level of after-tax, inflation-adjusted returns.

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